Here I share what I've learned in 18 years of acupuncture practice around self healing and what's behind specific health conditions. The workshops are for deeper understanding of our bodies and how the world works, so that we can support the natural self healing process. I also teach healers the foundations of energy work and how to come into your unique way and power in your work.

My background in the healing arts is Chinese Medicine, plant medicine, Reiki, and shamanism.  I love to experience and sense into the energies behind all things manifest, as it gives me a deeper and more meaningful experience of our existence--and also helps real problem solving for for all aspects of life, including stubborn/puzzling health concerns! 

I hope you enjoy what's here and that the workshops give you both the results you're looking for and a deeper sense of awe and delight in this great beauty and mystery of Universe. 

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Fresh Squeezed! Mind Heart and Soul Awakening for Allergy Relief Now

Join acupuncturist Nathalie in this transformative 1 1/2 hour consciousness and healing workshop  to dissolve layers obstructing the true you and congesting your sinuses.

Hawaiian Breeze Breathing Technique for Allergy Relief in 1-5 Minutes

Learn to regulate the flow of qi in your body to immediately calm down symptoms of a seasonal or hay fever allergy attack.

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